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Nimble is building future-forward insurance technology. 

Nimble is a first of its kind, innovative insurance marketplace where insureds can purchase coverage by working with decentralized underwriters, actuaries, and other insurance professionals and capital provider in a tremendously efficient and flexible way. 

The result is an equitable system to purchase insurance where all members are included in the profitability of "good risk". 


Nimble is Cost Effective:

Leveraging blazingly fast technology allows Nimble to cut down on the inefficient expenses that plague the insurance industry. 

Cutting down on expenses allows Nimble to pass the savings to our users, insureds, and members. 

Nimble is Digital First:

Building on cutting edge technology means that Nimble is with you where and when you need us. This means simplified claims, quoting, and applications processed. 

It does mean Nimble is secure and hyper-accurate.

It does mean Nimble is fast and efficient.

Not Your Same Old Claims:

No more dealing with the usual headaches of filing a claim. Nimble is fully automated. The claims process is fast, fair, and easy. 

Cutting down claims processing time allows Nimble to pass further savings off to Nimblers.

Always Where You Need It:

Nimble seamlessly integrates into the places you use most. This means easy access to tailored coverage options. 

Fast. Convenient. Efficient. Secure. Democratized.

Tailored coverage for start-up businesses in the Web3 industry that are unable to get coverage from the standard insurance market. This is being built in collaboration with a standard insurance market provider.

Web3 Small Business

Property and Casualty

Nov 1, 2023

Coverage for stolen, dropped, damaged cell phones. Currently piloting rating options and rating methods for international cell phone property insurance.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Property and Casualty

Jul 1, 2024

Property coverage for niche collectible markets including musical instruments, sports memorabilia, fine arts, etc.

Collectible Property Insurance

Property and Casualty

Mar 1, 2024

Coverage for custody at banks, fiduciary liability at banks, and other necessary coverage to address the emerging risks at the intersection of crypto + the banking industry.

Digital Banks and NeoBanks

Property and Casualty and DeFi

Dec 1, 2023

Crop coverage and supply chain coverage for smallholder farmers. This program is being built in cooperation with our project partners at Y9 Bank and FAME.

Smallholder Farmers

Property and Casualty

Dec 1, 2023

Decentralized Alternative Risk Transfer provides an extremely low-cost way for projects to purchase coverage for their users, or for users to purchase coverage in a new and innovative way. Claim tokens are used to pay claims for impacted users. Those claim tokens can be used to cash out or continue to participate in DeFi.

Alternative Risk Transfer for Digital Assets


Aug 1, 2023

Liability for governors of a DAO for decisions made that impact the greater community. This coverage is based on the Directors and Officers forms in the traditional insurance space.

DAO Liability


May 1, 2024

Coverage for assets held in a digital wallet. Each individual will be underwritten separately and based on security practices, wallet type, previous history, and more.

Digital Wallet Cover


Feb 1, 2024

Coverage for smart contract failure, vulnerability, exploit, and more. Coverage is purchased either by the protocol, platform, or the individual user. Underwriting is performed on the project based on management score, smart contract audit score, cyber risk score, and more.

Smart Contract Risk


Jul 1, 2023


Nimble + Insurance Professionals:


Nimble is built on the original concepts of insurance; the concept of sharing risk. ​

The Role of Professionals:


All components of the Nimble insurance process are decentralized. This means underwriters, actuaries, claims assessors, appraisers, insureds, capital providers, and more working independently yet together. They're paid for their work; they're rewarded for their participation; and together, as part of the larger Nimble Community, they are building a stronger and more secure future. 

Pay for insurance that's actually worth paying for.

No brainer, right?

All Nimblers, whether insureds, insurance professionals, or capital providers earn additional rewards for their contribution to a risk sharing system. 


Pay for Insurance. Not Insurance Companies.

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